Many of you will have received survey released in September at the end of last season. Thank you to the over 750 hockey players who responded to the survey covering 71 questions.

WA Masters Hockey Committee (WAMHC) is the advisory committee of Hockey Western Australia (HWA) for Masters’ activities. WAMHC is conducting an extensive review of both the Men and Women Winter Competitions.

The survey responses have been very useful in guiding the future direction of master’s hockey in WA. The responses have provided the Committee with invaluable information about the views of the master’s hockey community both with what is currently working well and with support for changes that should improve the local competitions in years to come.

The Committee is currently working with Hockey WA management to potentially introduce a number of changes to master’s competitions both next year and in future years.

We hope to be in a position in coming weeks to be able to announce those changes which have been supported by you the master’s hockey community.

Your input into the review is welcomed.