Organisations and players that are members of Hockey WA are invited to submit nominations for the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Masters Hockey in Western Australia. 

Eligibility for Nominations:



  • Must have previous or current involvement as a player, and/or coach, and/or manager, and/or selector, and/or umpire and/or administrator, and/or medical personnel:


  • Within the Western Australian (WA) Women’s Masters Hockey system within the Metro Association/Country Association; and/or


  • At a State/National Women’s Masters level, and/or


  • At an International Women’s Masters level.


  • Shall not currently compete against WA or a WA based team

No award shall be recommended for any person who has acted in an unsportsmanlike manner, to the detriment or the welfare of the club/association or prejudicial to the reputation of hockey in Western Australia.



This Award seeks to recognise the contribution made by an individual to Women’s Masters hockey in Western Australia through their long and outstanding service.  The recipients are characterised by dedication and commitment, coupled with good character, that has led to successful achievements that have enhanced public and/or commercial interest in Women’s Masters hockey in Western Australia.

The judging panel will give preference to those nominees who have contributed strongly across more than one field of endeavour within the hockey community. The award is a reflection of outstanding achievements and dedication and involvement across all facets of hockey.

Criteria on the award may be judged include:

·        Significant contribution to Women’s Masters Hockey in WA for at least 10 years (not necessarily consecutive years)*; and

·     Involvement in and commitment to Women’s Masters hockey in WA within the Metro Association, Country Association, State, and/or National level.

*Whilst years of playing experience may be taken into consideration when reviewing nominations, this alone is not an adequate demonstration of selfless commitment to Women’s Masters hockey in WA that the judging panel will be seeking.


Timing of Nominations

Nominations for the Award must be received by 30 June 2019 unless otherwise determined by the WA Masters Hockey Committee.  Please send nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Assessment of Nominations

The WA Masters Hockey Committee will consider nominations based on the criteria outlined above.  The nomination will be assessed by 31 July 2019. All decisions made by the committee are final. Submitting this nomination does not automatically mean that the nominee will be selected for the award.