Dates for Women Masters Teams 14 -18 March 2022 Newcastle

Dates for Men Masters Teams 35+ to 55+ Sydney Olympic Park 25-27 Feb 2022

Dates for Men Masters Teams 60+ and above Sydney Olympic Park 18-20 Mar 2022

These Invitational Tournament’s for Men and Women’s Masters Teams is open to all Masters’ players, but the aim is to have competitions at State Masters Level with players sourced from current and recent State teams. Teams do not need to be entered via Hockey WA and Hockey Australia will also actively support combination teams / finding teams for players where possible to increase participation.

The Hockey Australia Masters Committee are hoping to facilitate a competition in all age groups from 34’s to 65’s and has invited all States to participate.

One of the main reasons behind the tournaments is that unfortunately the East coast of Australia has not been able to play much hockey over the last 18 months – hence this is a “return to hockey” tournament for them.  In WA we have been lucky to have largely had two full seasons with minimal COVID impact and recently also had several post season state level master’s tournaments.  However, as you would be aware the WA Government has not yet made it clear when the WA border will more fully open as it has in other states.  As it currently stands there is still a risk of having difficulty, costs and a need to quarantine for anyone wishing to participate which could continue towards the proposed tournament dates; this risk sits entirely with the individuals.

As this is an Invitational tournament, the National Championships in September/October 2022 in Cairns (women) and Gold Coast (men) will be the main event for us and by far and away our main focus. As a result, WA will not be actively involved with this Invitational Tournament and not responsible for WA players and OFT who choose to participate.

Interested players are encouraged to organise their own team players, OFT, accommodation (and deposits) and flights to and from NSW at their own cost.

Teams will need to source their own uniforms as the participating teams will not be competing officially under WA State (Masters) Hockey.  We are prepared to offer the use of recently purchased and worn Kobi McGurk and Bevan George Cup uniforms to possibly be used and returned should an entire team wish to participate.

The WA Masters Hockey Committee will continue to communicate any updates from HA about this tournament and are also happy to provide advice or answer questions where possible and upon request can provide contact details for other states in case WA players want to join other states teams if not sufficient WA players and players are keen to participate.

The entry cost per team is $700 for Women (5 days) and $400 for the Men (3 days)

Note that vaccination guidelines are in line with the COVID plan of the Venue, which means that entry into NIHC (and possible Sydney Olympic Park- TBC) requires a double vaccination at this point in time. This is the player’s and OFT’s responsibility as well as any border restriction, entry passes and quarantine requirements if necessary.

Please be advised that Hockey Australia are yet to decide anything around selections for Masters World Cups and are mindful of the schedule clash with Men’s and Women’s Nationals in 2022.

The WA Masters Hockey Committee will keep our Masters community up to date with any further information provided by Hockey Australia regarding these Invitational Tournaments.


WA Masters Hockey Committee