Masters WA recently held an event in conjunction with WA Country Masters. Over the weekend teams from 55’s through to 75’s played two games between the two groups.

Games were played in good spirit with a sense of excitement at the venue.

After the first round of fixtures, players joined together for an evening meal reliving the highlights and lowlights of the play from the day. As the evening rolled on the stories became much more interesting. UWA Hockey did an amazing job catering for 170 people at the event dinner.

We are most appreciative of the sponsorship supplied from Emergency Triage Services that provided the Physio, Ambulance and emergency services. Thankfully other than the physio being used for minor ailments, there were no major injuries throughout the event.

We would like to also acknowledge the work of Shane Knapp in coordinating and enlisting the umpires that supported the competition. We are appreciative of his professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude, covering an often thankless task.

Events of this nature highlighted the value of providing opportunity for the hockey community to come together.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to hold an event that allowed our selected state teams to have a run together given the cancelation of the scheduled Australian Masters Championships event in NSW.

The general consensus was that events of this nature could potentially provide opportunity and sound preparation for future Masters Tournaments.

Thanks to our coaches and managers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure events of this nature run smoothly. As always it is the dedication of the volunteers that make the hockey community so successful.