For the 2019 season modifications have been made to the age eligibility rules for ALL Masters Hockey grades.  Please see the update below.  A review of these modifications will be undertaken by the WA Masters Hockey Committee at the conclusion of the 2019 season. 

There is also the 2019 Hockey WA Umpire Briefing document for your reference here.

The WA Masters Hockey Committee and Hockey WA would like to thank everyone who nominated and congratulate those who have been appointed.  We wish you every success for the 2019 Women's and Men's Championships.




O35 Coach Alison Rieck 

O35 Manager Deb Whiting


O40 Coach TBA

O40 Manager Lisa Melvin 


O45 Coach Fay Nash 

O45 Manager Sinead French-Bhlum

O45 Medical Sam Cameron


O50 Coach Gleny Chinnery

O50 Manager Patricia Scott 


O55 Coach Joanne Sgro 

O55 Manager Jude Ottaway


O60 Coach Vicki Silich

O60 Manager Wendy Stone


O65 Coach Bev Ewen 

O65 Manager Sharen Mitchell



·         Nicola Ogden

·         Vicki Harris

·         Ben Mynott (also GK selector)

·         Wendy Quint

·         Natasha Dunham

·         Lyn Johnson

·         Kathy Aylward

·         Clare van den Burgh (GK selector)

·         Wendy Stone (GK selector)

·         Sam Cameron

·         Coleen Dayman



O40 Coach Tristram Woodhouse

O40 Manager Murray McIntyre


      O45 Coach Alan Colthard

O45 Manager Tanya Sly


O50 Coach Paul Armitage

O50 Manager Paula Dick 


O55 Coach Brian Saxby

O55 Manager Craig Burgess


O60 Coach Rob Lawson

O60 Manager Astrid Miller


O65 Coach Ian Pestana 

O65 Manager Verina Pestana


O70 Coach Jim Banks 

O70 Manager Bill Campbell 


O75 Coach Rob Andrew

O75 Manager Brian Soares 


O55 Division 2 Coach Michael Jensen

O55 Division 2 Manager Naomi Noble


Geoff Robinson as a Selector