O40 Women 2009 Team

The WA State Over 40 Womens Hockey Team web site.

This web site is a record of the team's achievements both on and off the field at the annual National Veterans Hockey Championships.

The squad selected to represent WA in 2009 in Hobart, is as follows:

Fiona Althaus (GK)(Vic Park) Marjorie Boultbee (Avon) Anita Duckworth (YMCC) Kellie Grant
Helen Guinness (Avon) Vicki Harris Helen Rankin Jarvie (Fremantle) Louise Keeffe
Teresa Leonard Wendy Quint Sam Rankin Kelli Reilly
Michelle Rowe (Hale) Leonie Squire (Vic Park) Suzanne Stoate (South Perth)
Coach: Fiona Stuart Manager: Janine Raszkawajski


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