Over 50 Men Team 2008

This web site is a record of the team's achievements both on and off the field at the annual National Veterans Hockey Championships.

The squad selected to represent WA at Darwin is as follows:

Wayne Cutler (Willeton) Joslyn D'Silva (Harlies) Cameron Fairbrother (Harlies) Steve Farrar (Whitford)
Peter Fogels (Whitford) Jeff Kozak (Vic Park) David Lockett (YMCC) Graeme Malatesta (Hale)
George Naylor (Harlies) Steven Noble (Vic Park) Christopher North (Harlies) Stephen Pestana (CTP)
Ralph Untersteiner (Harlies) Michael Waite (Hale) Peter Westlund (has withdrawn) Shane Williams (Vic Park)
Coach: Cameron Fairbrother Manager: Michael Waite

Over 50 Men 2008 Images

Over 50 Men 2008 Match Reports