Over 45 Men 2007 Team

This web site is a record of the team's achievements both on and off the field at the annual National Veterans Hockey Championships.

The squad selected to represent WA at Gold Coast is as follows:

Stuart Amphlett (Vic Pk) Ross Arancini (Vic Pk) Rob Baker (GK) (WASPS) Andrew Barker (Wolves)
Dominic Berry (NCR) Stuart Burnfield (Mods) Paul Cartwright (OAHC) Grant Carville (VC) (Lakers)
Joslyn D'Silva (Harlies) Lyle Kenny (C) (WASPS) Joe Mastrangelo (NCR) Graham Miller (Vic Pk)
Ian Parker (WASPS) Stephen Pestana (CTP) Bede Rogers (OAHC) John Ruprecht (OGMHC)
Coach: Graham Miller Manager: Astrid Miller

Over 45 Men 2007 Images

Over 45 Men 2007 Match Reports